Egocentric pumpkin

I’m back from the Blender Conference, which was very stimulating as always. For some reason, it’s very easy to hang out with the other participants, and to relate with people you’ve never heard of as if they were close friends! My opinion is that Blender hits a soft spot between technical and artistic interests (and possibly even ethical, because of the open source part): this makes the overall atmosphere one of… tasteful nerdiness I would say :)

By the way let me stress once again how kind and helpful are all the top Blender heads, despite their success in the field. @ndy and Bassam are always in for a chat, and Brecht is always painstakingly giving guidance to hordes of famelic developers fighting their way through Blender’s codebase (I was one of them by the way!).

Anyway. It suddenly occurred to me that since my initial involvement in the Summer of Code, I have almost completely stopped using Blender, apart from setting up test scenes.

This is why today I took the time to carry out a small Halloween-themed project. Actually, I don’t care at all about Halloween, but anthropomorphic pumpkins are undeniably a fun subject.

Egocentric pumpkin

Egocentric pumpkin

The project eventually turned out to be mostly a programming effort after all. The blend file contains two scenes:

  • the pumpkin scene, where a Python script link takes care to move the camera and the eyes of the pumpkin randomly at each frame, also setting random values for a couple of shape keys and changing the color of the background
  • the “Polaroids” scene, where a number of randomly rotated objects display the frames rendered in the other scene (all assignments were carried out through Python scripting again)

The artistic quality of the result is pretty questionable, but, hey, if someone wants to improve shading, modeling, or whatever, here is the halloween.blend blend file to play with.

Egocentric pumpkin (monocolor)

Egocentric pumpkin (monocolor)

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  1. Hey UncleZeiv.

    What anthropomorphic pumpkins have in common with the Blender Conference?

    Well this year I enjoyed my first Halloween ever (we don’t celebrate Halloween in Brazil :p), and also went to my first Blender Conference.

    We can say that pumpkins, ghosts, vampires and zombies become the mask through (where?) people get know and have fun with each other. On the other hand, in the BlenderConference nicknames fall as masks in the all-saints day, and people hang out using their real faces and names.

    And it was very fun and exciting for me to meet so many incredible artists, developers, … people. It was an experience unique.

    Well, it was nice to meet you there ,
    Dalai (dfelinto)

  2. Very nice observation, Dalai! And it was definitely nice to meet you too as well! I hope we can meet again next year… I’m already looking forward to the next conference :)

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