Still here

I can’t believe it’s already six months since my last post here. It’s definitely time to resume regular blogging — also broadening the scope of this blog from Blender to other technical stuff as well.

In Milan on Wednesday 17

Even though I’ve not been active as a Blender developer in the last few months, I kept lurking the mailing lists in an effort to stay up-to-date on the latest developments — and 2.5 in particular.

On Wednesday 17, together with a bunch of fellow Italian blenderheads, we will be talking about our dear 3d suite as part of the warm-up meetings of the Italian hackmeeting 2009.

Plans for the Lightcuts branch

Recent efforts, especially those led by the awesome cuban coder nicknamed Farsthary, have made it clear that sooner or later (but probably sooner), true Global Illumination will be available to Blender Internal.

Apart from that, in a number of discussions on the mailing list, it become apparent that the problem with Blender Internal is that its amazingly broad feature-set lacks a bit of overall vision, so that its not always clear how any two features interact. It seems that the post-2.5 period will be dedicated to some sort of design refactoring of Blender Internal so that different render paths can be handled more smoothly, both on the coder’s and on the user’s side.

I think that now it makes sense to wait for that to happen before attempting the integration of the Lightcuts stuff.

Moreover, I’m also very glad to hear that AndrĂ© Susando Pinto a.k.a Jaguarandi, great developer and past gsoccer colleague of mine, is again a gsoccer this year working on performance improvements to the internal raytracer. He’s the right guy to do that, after the convincing job he did last year on the BVH stuff. His work for 2009 will turn out extremely beneficial for my Lightcuts branch, which relies on the raytracer pretty heavily.

So my next steps are: 1) finishing the “reconstruction cuts” part of the algorithm and 2) porting the branch over to 2.5 — but not necessarily in this order.

In the meanwhile, I would like to spend my small amount of spare time to help out on 2.5 which is coming along really well: I’m truly impressed! Congratulations to everyone that has been working on it so far.