Ouch, two full years have passed since my last post here… and I wholeheartedly hate abandoned websites! In the meanwhile I graduated, moved to a different country, got a job in the visual effects industry and also got married. Quite a time.

In this period my amateur interests moved away a bit from 3d and onto digital painting, a passion that found an outlet in my other blog-turned-kinda-webcomic (sorry, in Italian).

Someone may still have this blog in their feeds from my short spell as a Blender developer. I’m unlikely to contribute anything substantial anytime soon, but luckily, since then, the evolution of the rendering side of Blender has been in the safe hands of Brecht, who is definitely heading in the right direction. At the moment I’d rather devote my scarce resources to help out Gimp, which gets a lot less developer love!

In the meanwhile I’ll start reusing this blog to post code snippets, scripts and the odd technical rant mainly to have them handy for my own convenience but also in the hope that someone might find them useful occasionally. Blender aggregators who wish to keep this feed are advised to track only the Blender category as most other posts wouldn’t be of interest.