Tools and scripts

Old Stuff and Experiments

  • fruitlessfruit, a simple slot machine for cell phones. Java ME MIDP-1.0 compliant.

Fruitless Fruit

Flip letter schedule board

  • szn, a small application to play around with different integration methods in digital control, showing how a point of the S plane maps onto the Z plane and viceversa. Made with FLTK. In Italian (sorry!).

S-Z planes

  • wikerid: a file-based, no-frills wiki implementation with template support. Written in PHP. Functional but pretty naive, I wouldn’t recommend it on a real server!

Custom Blender Builds

  • Outdated builds of my Blender “Lightcuts” branch for Google Summer of Code 2008 (for Win32 and Linux32). I’ll likely remove these soon.

Firefox Extensions

  • Kino New Posts, an outdated utility to read new posts on Kino3D faster; but rather than maintaining this, I ended up using Snap Links, which is an awesome extension anyway